Smartphones are powerful pieces of handheld technology. The functionalities of smartphones now stretch far beyond being a regular communication device and companies are now competing to fit more and more things into that thin metal screen. Considering that there are multiple external audio devices that allow users to rely on more than just their phone’s speakers, the actual quality of the audio doesn’t only rely on the available hardware. Luckily, a quick search on your Android device’s Play Store will reveal that there is no shortage to the number of audio enhancer apps available. Audio Enhancer Apps are virtual equalizers that allow users to change a set number of frequencies for their audio. Usually, preset options are available and are often categorized into genres. T

What Is an Equalizer App?

An equalizer app is a tool that you can use to adjust the different frequency bands of your phone’s audio signal. In simpler terms, it allows you to optimize the sound based on your unique taste, or should we say hearing. Most Android devices have built-in equalizer capabilities, but they are not all created equal. Other phones won’t let you access it at all unless you use a third-party software, like System Equalizer Shortcut.

In any case, your best option is to look for a standalone equalizer app and install it on your phone. So without further ado, take your pick from the list below.

Equalizer FX

Equalizer FX is one of the simplest but most popular Android equalizer apps in the market today. It features a clean user interface that has three main sections: Equalizer, Effects, and Profile.

The equalizer lets you adjust five frequency bands, which is not much but enough to enhance the output quality of your phone’s audio. You can customize the effects by changing the balance between channels or enabling the bass boost, loudness enhancer, and virtualization. Just keep in mind that you won’t hear much difference after enabling virtualization unless you are wearing headphones.

The Equalizer FX app comes free as long as you don’t mind ads zipping across the top of the screen. If you find these ads distracting and want to get rid of them, be prepared to pay around $2 for the premium version. Another cool thing about Equalizer FX is that it has a widget function. While this feature is not unique, it is still nice to have.

Bass Boost and Equalizer

Bass Booster and Equalizer is another Android app that offers a five-band equalizer. As its name implies, it also features a bass boost function that will give your phone’s audio more punch.

In addition to its two main features, this app has a virtualizer that will vibrate the air and make your phone sound unique. You can find all of these functions in the equalizer tab, along with 22 profile presets and a small control panel at the bottom which lets you launch your favorite player directly from the app.

The menu button is at the top left corner of the default page. In it, you will find a button that enables the “10-band equalizer” function for free, which is a very nice option to have.

At the right of the equalizer icon at the top of the default page is an audio icon that lets you control the volume and increase it to as high as 200%. However, it is best to try out the lower settings first before you crank it all the way up, as you could cause some serious damage to your hearing.

Like some of the best Android equalizer apps in the market, Bass Boost and Like some of the best Android equalizer apps in the market, Bass Boost and Equalizer has a widget function, which makes it easier to access the controls without having to open the app itself. You can download it for free and remove the ads by watching five videos to get a total of 50 virtual coins.

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Fair warning: the Neutralizer app is not like all the other Android equalizer apps out there. After you download and open it, the first thing you see is not columns of band frequencies. Instead, you will be asked to create a profile before you can do anything else.

It is a sign of what the app has in store for you, which is total personalization. Instead of offering the typical EQ controls, it creates a sound profile from scratch based on your hearing. It does this through a hearing test, which is a bit complicated but totally worth it.

Equalizer Music Player Booster

The Equalizer Music Player Booster is an all-in-one software that lets you use other applications while you are listening to your favorite music, thanks to the background play mode. It has an outstanding built-in music player, which means that you can easily listen to all the songs on your device through the app.

While the standard for most Android equalizer apps is five band frequencies, this app allows you to control seven. It also comes with a bass boost function that can add more depth to your phone’s audio. There are ten audio presets for you to choose from, including Acoustic, Classical, R&B, and Rock. You can also save a personalized preset if you want. You can get the app without paying, but the ads in the free version can be very disruptive. Fortunately, $2 will get rid of these interruptions for you.

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